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In co-operation with Miniprint Finland 2010

The awarded artists of Miniprint Finland 2010

Grand Prix: Jussi Juurinen
Honourable prizes:Taichi Kodama, Anne Desmet and Susanna Autio
The honourable mention of the jury: Jacomijn Den Engelsen and Cleo Wilkinson

Graphic Artists'Association of Lahti and Lahti Art Museum organized the 7th international Miniprint Finland 2010 triennial, which is exposed atLahti Art Museum 26.11.2010 - 30.1.2011. The patron of the Miniprint Finland 2010 event is Graphic Artist Outi Heiskanen.

The first Miniprint was organized in 1992 by Graphic Artists Association of Lahti in a small gallery and since 1998 LahtiArt Museum has offered it's exhibition space for the event. This year 2010 the main co-operation funding partners were the Ministery of Education and culture of Finland, the Alfred Kordelin Fund, Päijät-Häme Art Council, Association of Kauno, Oskar Öflunds's fund.

Jury of Miniprint Finland 2010

Pekka Hokkanen, Graphic Artists Association of Lahti
Loit Jõekalda, Association of Estonian Printmakers
Maria Kausalainen, Association of Finnish Printmakers
John Rasimus, printmaker, Sweden
Ville-Matti Rautjoki, exhibition curator, Lahti Art Museum
Tom Thijsse taidegraafikko, printmaker, the Netherlands, winner of Miniprint Finland 2007 Grand Prix

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