Artists and the statement of the jury
Jouko Heinonen: 'Miniprint Finland 2001, a huge job'
Thom O'Connor: 'There are no rules'

MINIPRINT FINLAND 2001 received a record number of entries

A record high of 3000 works from more than 800 artist representing most of the continents of the world were entered into the international miniature graphics triennial to be held at Lahti Art Museum this autumn.

An international jury selected 446 works of art from 202 artists for the exhibition. Thirty-six countries are represented in the exhibition with the strongest representation from Finland, the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, South-Korea, Poland, Japan and Canada.


According to the jury the level of this year's exhibition is very high, entries include well-known artists as well as new names, which proves that graphics is alive and well all over the world. New techniques and ways of expression, which have arisen along side with traditional, craft-like techniques, also give the exhibition a new, fresh flavour.

MINIPRINT FINLAND 2001 - 4th International Miniature Graphics Triennial from 5 October to 25 November at Lahti City Art Museum

The International Miniprint Finland 2001 is the 4th miniature graphics triennial arranged jointly by Lahti Art Graphic Artists' Association and Lahti Art Museum.

The Miniprint Finland 2001 Triennial offers a wide and versatile look into Finnish and international modern miniature graphics. Thousands of invitations to participate were sent out all over the world. Artists were allowed to suggest four graphics prints on the condition that the picture area of the work must not exceed 17 by 20 centimetres.

International Jury and Grand Prix Award

An international jury selected the works to be included in the exhibition. The jury assembled and made its decision on 11 to 14 June 2001. The names of the participating artists were made public on 15 June. The jury also selected the Grand Prix Award winner as well as the winners of the two recognition awards and four honorary mentions.

The members of the jury:

Mr. Antti Salokannel, The Graphic Artist Association of Lahti
Mrs. Melek Mazici, The Graphic Artist Association of Finland
Mr. Thom O'Connor, USA
Mr. Jöran Österman, Sweden
Mr. Kari Savolainen, Lahti Art Museum

Miniprint Finland 2001 is under the patronage of Committee Counsellor Pentti Arajärvi. The exhibition was opened by Counsellor for Cultural Affairs Raija Mattila.

The Award Winners are:

Grand Prix
Ham Chang Hyun, South Korea

Commendatory Awards
Reetta Ahonen, Finland
Hjalmar de Kort, The Netherlands

Special Mention of the jury
Park Sang-Soo, South Korea

Honour Mentions
Michael Coblyn, USA
Liz Ingram, Canada
Naomi Lewis, USA


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