Open Call for Artists all over the world

7th International Miniprint Finland 2010, miniature graphics triennial will be organized at Lahti Art Museum 26 November  2010  to 30  January  2011.

Patron of the Miniprint Finland 2010 event is the great finnish graphic artist Outi Heiskanen.

Rules of entry

1. The competition is open to all artists and all traditional print art techniques, including digital and unique print methods are accepted. Every participating artist can offer maximum of 3 pieces of graphic works produced in the years 2007 - 2010. The motif of the works is not limited.

2. The maximum dimensions of the artwork is 17 x 20 cm. The maximum size of the printing paper is 30 x 35 cm. If the works are printed on 3 dimensional material, the depth of it cannot exceed 5 cm. If the size of the offered art works exceeds these restrictions, they will not be considered for entry into the exhibition.

3. The number and the title of the work has to be marked clearly, on the back side of the artworks, corresponding the notes on the participation and information form.

4. Please send the signed artworks, participation- and information form, CV (curriculum vitae) and a copy of the receipt of the participation fee as “PRINTED MATTER/ NO COMMERCIAL VALUE” in a simple package to the address: Lahti Art Museum, P.B. 113, 15111 LAHTI, FINLAND by May 15th 2010. Mark on the package “Miniprint Finland 2010”.

5. Participation fee is EUR 40 which covers handling of the artworks, jurying and return postage.

You can download the Rules and the Participation form of Miniprint Finland 2010 either in .doc or in .pdf from the links below:

The rules and regulations of Miniprint Finland 2010 (.doc)

The rules and regulations of Miniprint Finland 2010 (.pdf)

The participation form (.doc)

The participation form (.pdf)

Jury of Miniprint Finland 2010

Tom Thijsse (Netherlands, Minirint Finland 2007 Grand Prix)
Loit Jöekalda (Estonia)
John Rasimus (Sweden)
Maria Kausalainen (The Association of Finnish Printmakers)
Pekka Hokkanen (The Graphic Artists' Association of Lahti)
Ville-Matti Rautjoki (Lahti Art Museum)

Approximate timetable:

Deadline for sending the candidate prints  for the exhibition: 15 May 2010
Selection of the exhibition works and price winners:  june-july 2010
Names of selected artists' names published on these www- pages 15.7.2010
Return of non selected works:  August 2010
The opening reception and the announcement of the prize winners at Lahti Art Museum  Thursday 26 November 2010
The exhibition is open at the Lahti Art Museum until 30.1.2011
Return of the exhibition works: March 2011


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